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2022 ICAA President
Mark Gieseke

President's Message

Nov/Dec 2022 – Thank you for Your Support of ICAA

It has been an honor to serve the insulation contracting industry as the 2022 ICAA President. Thank you so much for your support of ICAA and the insulation industry.

A personal hobby of mine is boating. I love captaining a boat and heading to different places to explore. Serving ICAA has taken me to different places – it has been plain sailing – smooth and easy! I would like to thank my co-captains, the ICAA Board of Directors. The are Jonathan Belanus, Ted Blanchard, Terry Burnham, Ginny Cameron, Mark Dietz, Ferrell Drum, Jerry Palmer, and Renee Wilson. It has been a privilege to work alongside this group of professionals who know the ropes – they are “A1” in my book.

I also want to express my appreciation to our Committees – the ICAA Government Council led by Jeff Hire of Installed Building Products and Stephen Kittredge of Owens Corning; the ICAA Technical/Marketing Committee led by Ted Blanchard of Davidson Insulation and Tom Calzavara of Johns Manville, with a shout-out to ICAA Spray Foam Task Force Chair Brian Cote’; the ICAA Convention Committee led by Ferrell Drum of Garland Insulating/TopBuild and Doug Brady of Huntsman Building Solutions; and the ICAA Commercial Building Insulation Committee led by Mark Dietz of Superl, Inc. and David Ball of Cameron Group. Our Committees provide valuable expertise, feedback, and support. I know Michael Kwart, our Executive Director, joins me in acknowledging their commitment.

I want to offer a personal word of thanks to everyone who attended the ICAA Convention & Trade Show this year in Phoenix. By all accounts it was a great show. we were pleased to see attendance up and exhibit space sold out. We also had a record number of new members attend this year, and for that we are very grateful. I hope you found your time at ICAA 2022 to be beneficial and that you join us again for ICAA 2023 in Dallas. This event is a success every year because of the continued commitment of ICAA members who recognize the value in attending and/or exhibiting. ICAA remains committed to providing the best venue possible to bring together suppliers and contractors, along with producing the most informative and relevant educational sessions to support every aspect of your business. Have some ideas or feedback for us? Let us know!

Our purpose at ICAA is to support you, the insulation contractor and supplier, and provide resources that help you do your best. It has been years since the federal government put in place meaningful incentives for every efficiency investments. ICAA has consistently advocated for and underlined the need for longer-term, predictable federal incentives for every efficiency retrofits that give our industry the time to plan and schedule a marketing program in order to serve the retrofit needs of homeowners and businesses. This year, we hit paydirt with the passage of the federal Inflation Reduction Act in August, which significantly expands the tax credit program for homeowners who add insulation to their homes. The tax credit shoots up to at $1,200 annual cap beginning January 1, 2023; there is no lifetime limitation as in previous years, so homeowners can engage in projects and apply for the $1,200 credit annually; and the program is in place for a ten-year period.

Also this year, we welcomed a record 63 new members (as of November 3) and have surpassed New York Yankee home-run king Aaron Judge (62 in 2022)!

So once again, thanks to all our members for making a commitment to this great industry. As I depart the ICAA Presidency, mates, I wish each of you fair winds and following seas!

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