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2022 ICAA President
Mark Gieseke

President's Message

May/June 2022 – ICAA Convention & Trade Show

Let’s get right into it … if you’re still on the fence about attending the annual ICAA Convention & Trade Show this year in Phoenix, let me give you a little push – you should. And I’ll give you three reasons why: connections, connections, connections. Let me explain:

Product & Service Connections. You know that old adage, “anyone who is anyone will be there” …? As far as the insulation industry goes, this applies at ICAA. The trade show floor, as I’m writing this, has sold out completely. It is packed with not only our industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors, but also the smaller, just as stellar companies offering the best of their products and services. It really is a one-stop shop. It would take months – years, even – and a lot of airline miles to visit all these vendors on your own. But at ICAA, just walk in the exhibit hall doors and there they are, waiting for you.

Practical & Business Connections. ICAA has built a schedule that allows attendees maximum time on the trade show floor without having to skip a single educational session, making it a win/win for all aspects of your business. Our programming is always focused on helping you build a solid, successful, and sustainable business. This year’s sessions provide timely, relevant support when it comes to keeping your employees, strategizing on your marketing, protecting yourself from lawsuits, and dealing with those sometimes troublesome and tricky contract clauses. We will also host a group discussion where industry colleagues can share ideas and applications that have worked best – and maybe share warnings about a few things that haven’t worked at all. I guarantee you will leave ICAA with ideas and advice you will be able to immediately implement to see results.

Network & Nurture New & Old Connections. As businesspeople, we know you cannot underestimate the importance of networking. Whether it’s negotiating an order over breakfast or closing a deal on the putting green, the truth is sometimes business works best when it doesn’t feel like work. At ICAA there are plenty of chanced to nurture industry connections and make new ones. It’s often easy to get lost in the shuffle at a bigger event. ICAA is small enough that you know you’ll get the one-on-one time you need, but also big enough that you know you’ll always see something or someone new. Combine that with a beautiful, relaxing venue and a schedule that gives you time to see and do it all, and there you have it: ICAA is a perfect place to find what you need to succeed in our industry.

You should be ready to hop down off that fence now. Registration is easy and online at Remember – if you’re a contractor, for each registration you’ll get an additional registration for just $195.

See you in Phoenix!

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