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What is ICAA?

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Insulation Contractors Association of America, the trade association for residential and commercial thermal insulation contractors, has been helping insulators and their suppliers for over 35 years.

We promote professionalism in the residential and commercial insulation contracting industry.

ICAA's mission is to assist its members by developing and executing programs which keep them on the leading edge of valuable knowledge in the rapidly changing world of insulation. ICAA delivers personalized service, regardless of the materials you install, where you buy from, or the size or age of your business.

Why join ICAA?
Get the Most from ICAA Membership
ICAA Membership Application
Orientation for Prospective Members
ICAA Video - Introduction to ICAA

Stay Informed
Through Webinars, email alerts, and the newsletter Insulation Contractors Report, members are regularly informed about industry developments and programs.

Learn Best Practices
ICAA members learn best practices for operating their insulation contracting business directly from other successful insulators, whether in contract negotiations; installer staffing and retention; incentive compensation programs; or purchasing equipment, products, and services. This sharing of information happens at Committee Meetings, the ICAA Annual Convention and Trade Show, and educational programs.

Network with Suppliers
ICAA members have a wealth of options when it comes to networking with insulation industry suppliers. Through ICAA membership, insulation contractors develop relationships with suppliers to grow their businesses profitably.

Other Benefits
Complimentary listing in the ICAA Online Contractor Locator and ICAA Online Buyers Guide
Discounted Registration and Discounted Booth Rental at ICAA Convention and Trade Show
Participation in Committees
Bi-Monthly Newsletter Insulation Contractors Report
Discounted advertising in the ICAA magazine Insulation Contractors Report

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge
ICAA members are regularly alerted to the latest in insulation contracting, builder-contract killer clauses, marketing programs, and regulations affecting insulators. ICAA has created specialized educational tools to help members to compete successfully and to sharpen their business skills.

These ICAA resources give members a competitive edge:

  • ICAA Standard Contract Forms...model forms that protect ICAA members from unfair contract clauses.
  • The Plain English Legal Protection Handbook for Insulation Contractors...a resource that increases the business expertise of ICAA members.
  • ICAA Technical Bulletins...tools that promote professional insulating standards; restore competitive bidding practices; and resolve misunderstandings and disputes with architects, building inspection departments, and general contractors.
  • ICAA-sponsored studies...definitive information on controversial subjects affecting the industry.
  • ICAA Annual Convention & Trade Show ... a forum for contractors and suppliers.

Contact ICAA at 703.739.0356 to find out more about the benefits of ICAA membership.

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