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Industry At a Glance

States with the most insulation workers:
Texas, Florida, California, North Carolina, Georgia

  • Materials: Fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, rockwool and others
  • Installed in: new homes, old homes, commercial buildings
  • Provides: comfort, safety, financial savings, sustainability
  • Regulated by: Federal Trade Commission, Occupational Health and Safety Administration 

Is a career as an insulation installer right for me?

Do you enjoy working with others?

Are you hard-working and adaptable?

Do you enjoy craftsmanship – making something with your hands?

Do you have physical stamina and a strong sense of discipline?

Are you looking for a career that doesn’t require a college degree?

"Why should I become an insulation installer?"

Check out our new video to see all the benefits of a career in the insulation industry! 

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