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Criteria for ICAA Certified Commercial Building Insulation Contractor

This special category of insulation contractor has been achieved by a proven record of business activity in these areas:

1. A consistent history of long-term experience in the field of commercial building insulation installation.

2. A commitment to continuing service to this segment of the industry.

3. A demonstrated ability to conduct business on a financially sound basis, with documented evidence of the ability to furnish insurance and bonding in accordance with the requirements of the job size and the service area in which this firm operates.

4. Participation in insulation industry activities which promote and encourage the advancement of insulation technology and knowledge for the benefit of contractors, architects and owners of commercial buildings.

5. A commitment to professionalism by encouraging proper designs and installation through educational services to the general contractor, architects and engineers.

To maintain ICAA certified status, there is a continuing educational requirement of four units per year. Two of the four units must be derived from attending an ICAA function: 2 units – ICAA Commercial Committee Meeting; 1 unit – ICAA Convention – Commercial Contractor Education Module; 1 unit – Industry Manufacturer Educational Program.

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