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ICAA’s new educational training program, ICAA Gateway®, is the training method of the future for SPF helpers. Say goodbye to the 100-page packets and PowerPoints of the past. Training has been transformed! ICAA Gateway® allows insulation contractors to seamlessly incorporate this 3-part, 70-minute online program into their training agenda.

Watch a short trailer about ICAA Gateway® here.

ICAA Gateway® is a highly effective and comprehensive online training program. We are excited to share it with you! Offered in both English and Spanish, this one-hour training program provides new SPF helpers with the opportunity to learn about jobsite safety and basic SPF principles. Gateway is based on a day in the life of an SPF helper and upon successful completion of three short tests, trainees will receive a Certificate of Completion from ICAA.

The ICAA Gateway® video is both educational and engaging. The integration of animated scenes and real video footage from actual insulation contractors provides a whole new way of learning and helps your employees connect with important safety information. The training covers safety procedures and guidelines that are critical for SPF helpers to fully understand in order to protect themselves and keep everyone OSHA compliant.

The program’s three modules focus on material handling, jobsite preparation, and clean-up and shut down. Topics within the modules range from A-Side and B-Side drum handling, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) review, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidelines, pre-job checklist preparation, exploring the rig, jobsite signage, trimming and disposal of excess foam, chemical spill containment, and more.

ICAA Gateway® will save your business time and money in your training process. Each enrollee receives access to all online training modules, in both English and Spanish. The introductory price is $29 for each enrollment, and a special bulk price of four enrollments for $100. ICAA Gateway® allows your trainees the convenience of absorbing the information at their own pace.

Bring your training program to the next level with ICAA Gateway® – an industry innovation offering a comprehensive way to learn the necessary information in an interesting, engaging way and giving you a way to build a productive, healthy foundation for your business.

Ready to get started? Let’s go! Click here to purchase enrollments (member price: $29/one enrollment or $100/four enrollments). Once payment is made, you will receive an email with a link to the ICAA Gateway® program and personalized access codes for your trainees.

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