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Pest Control Contractors Operating Without Insulation Contractors License

It has come to the attention of industry personnel and ICAA that certain pest control contractors are installing thermal insulation in attics without acquiring an insulation contractors license to install insulation or perform contracting work.

In California, the state administers a test to insulation contractors as part of its licensing requirement. As attics can get awfully complicated, consumers should hire an experienced licensed insulation contractor.

ICAA-member professional insulation contractors devote their time to insulation contracting services and focus on energy conservation and comfort. Proper installation is essential for insulation to perform properly. Knowledge of vapor retarders, air infiltration, ventilation, recessed lighting, and water pipes are just a few of the areas critical to installation techniques. Licensed, professional insulation contractors have access to a wide variety of training, are familiar with local codes and regulations, and can offer guidance about the type and amount of insulation to be used.

For a comprehensive listing of insulation contractors licensed under the California State Licensing Board, please visit the California Contractors State License Board. Also, license numbers issued by the CSLB should appear in contractors’ advertising.

For other states, check the licensing board to determine if your insulation contractor is licensed to install insulation.

Basic Facts About Contracting in California
Source:  What You Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor, California Contractors State License Board, Department of Consumer Affairs

1. Anyone performing construction work in California that totals $500 or more in labor and materials must be licensed by CSLB.

2. Licensed contractors must:

a. Demonstrate at least four years of experience/education in the trade for which they are licensed.

b. Pass both a trade and license law examination.

c. Post a license bond.

Final word of advice from the California Contractors State Licensing Board: verify the license and make sure it is in good standing by visiting the CSLB website.

A tip about using state licensed contractors:
In certain states throughout the U.S., if a consumer uses a non-licensed contractor and is harmed, the consumer will not have access to the state’s home improvement contractor fund (some states call this a transaction-guaranty fund) which can reimburse aggrieved consumers.

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