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Explore the Floor, Seal the Deal, Learn to Earn

As 2024 ICAA President, I can’t wait to welcome you to ICAA 2024, our Annual Convention & Trade Show. We’ll be in Chicago at the Sheraton Grand Riverwalk on September 25-28. Great city, great people, great opportunities for so many great things to happen!

Whether you are an ICAA member or not, I encourage you to come to Chicago and take part in one of our industry’s most important events. Here’s what you can expect to do at ICAA 2024:

Explore the Floor
First and foremost, our trade show floor is packed with all the products and services that are innovative, relevant, and necessary for any insulation contractor. I guarantee you will find what you’re looking for – and I also guarantee you’ll find something new. The cool thing about the ICAA Trade Show is that our exhibitors range from the biggest and most established companies in the industry to newcomers on the scene – the little guys with big ideas. Our industry needs both – and so does your business.

Seal the Deal
The benefits of attending the ICAA Trade Show are numerous, and one of them is, ironically, what we are not. We are not a giant, sprawling show where you’ll be lost in the crowd. At ICAA, you’ll have the time and opportunities to meet directly with representatives from the companies you do business with – in the exhibit booths, over a great meal, maybe even on the golf course. ICAA is the ultimate insulation networking venue and there is no better place to make the connections to take your business to the next level.

Learn to Earn
As an organization, ICAA prides itself on the quality and consistency of our educational programming. Throughout the year, we offer our members informational and educational webinars that cover everything from the new tax incentives to health, safety, and labor regulations, to negotiations and contracts. In other words, we cover it ALL. At ICAA 2024, we have organized an entire day and a half of professionally-led, focused educational sessions designed to give you the knowledge, support, and confidence to build and grow your business.

In other news …

In April, we continued our ICAA Webinar series “Quit Getting Screwed,” and 8-part series on understanding and negotiating subcontracts. We also hosted a 25C Insulation Tax Credit webinar, and we presented a webinar on the Federal 45L Tax Credit. All of our webinars are available to members here.

Also, please check out our new 25C Insulation Tax Credit Calculator for Contractors, designed to make your calculations easier and the 25C tax credit more appealing to your customers. And we just developed an energy savings calculator showing energy and dollar savings when new homes are built to the 2021 IECC compared to their statewide energy code. Give it a try here.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for registration information for ICAA 2024 in Chicago. See you there!


Rockweiler Insulation
2024 ICAA President

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