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March/April 2023 President’s Message
Calculate Your Potential with ICAA

As you know, the ongoing support and education of our members is central to the mission of ICAA. To that end, we constantly monitor industry news and trends to determine how we can best facilitate getting that information to our members in a timely, practical, and useful way. By now, you have heard about the enhanced 25C Tax Credit that was included in the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. This is, of course, great news for the insulation industry and for insulation contractors. The challenge for all of us is how to make sure our customers are aware of the potential tax savings of upgrading the insulation in their homes.

We’ve been hard at work developing a free online tool that will do just that. By inputting the estimated cost of the project and the customer’s state, our tool will instantly calculate the potential tax savings for that project. Not only that, but it will provide a list of ICAA member contractors, sorted by city, for that state. Our intention is that contractors use this tool as part of their business proposals to potential customers, or for a homeowner to use the tool themselves and find an ICAA member contractor from the list to give their business to.

Check out the tool by following the link on the ICAA homepage. If you have any feedback for us about how it works, please let us know.

We have also developed some promotional material pieces for your use. Check these out here. There are a couple of flyers (including one that we are happy to personalize with your logo), a 25C FAQ sheet that you can use to educate your customers and your employees, and some smaller downloadable images that you can put on your own materials or website, or even send them to a printer to make signage or decals for your trucks. Again, if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to let us know.

It’s that time again and we are busy lining up exhibitors for the annual ICAA Trade Show & Convention. ICAA 2023 will be in Dallas this year, on September 27-30. I strongly encourage you to clear your schedule and join us for a couple of days. The networking, educational sessions, and chance to see the newest products and services from the top industry manufacturers and distributors will be well worth it. Registration information will be coming your way this spring … you won’t want to miss it. Hope to see you there

Superl, Inc.
2023 ICAA President

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