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Proper Application of Batt Insulation in Commercial Jobs

ICAA has issued technical bulletins on the proper specification and application of batt insulation above suspended ceilings. In many commercial jobs, code officials often INCORRECTLY approve insulation applications that do not conform to the prevailing building code. These applications encompass batt insulation installed above suspended ceilings.

Insulation manufacturers Owens Corning, CertainTeed Corporation, Johns Manville, and Knauf Fiber Glass fully support the ICAA position articulated in these technical bulletins.

Owens Corning does not support the installation of kraft or standard foil faced building insulation where the only covering over these facings is a foil cap sheet. This is true for applications exposed into an occupied space, or exposed to a plenum area above a ceiling.”

CertainTeed Corporation states “that the use of a FSK cap sheet over a kraft faced fiber glass batt is not acceptable for an exposed application.”

Johns Manville “agrees with the information presented in ICAA Technical Bulletin No. 27 and Technical Bulletin No. 28.”

Knauf Fiber Glass “does not recommend the use of an FSK sheet over kraft faced fiber glass batt insulation for an exposed application. This configuration does not provide a 25/50 rating.”

These insulation manufacturers offer faced insulation products, such as FSK-25 or FSP batt insulation, that have had their fire-resistant ratings established through standard testing (see ASTM E 84-05).

Click here to view ICAA Technical Bulletins:

Technical Bulletin No. 27 – Batt Insulation Above Suspended Ceilings

Technical Bulletin No. 28 – Batt Insulation in Open Walls Above Suspended Ceilings

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