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Builders and Code Officials

Type IC Recessed Lighting Fixtures Must Be Specified in the Building Envelope

If you are a builder or code official, you must ensure that recessed lighting fixtures installed in the building envelope be Type IC. The energy code specifies that recessed lighting fixtures installed in the building envelope must be “Type IC.” ICAA has always recommended that only Type IC recessed lighting fixtures be installed in the building envelope. Type IC fixtures should be used wherever ceiling insulation is present.

Type IC Recessed Lighting Fixtures are selected for their safety, energy efficiency, and utility.

  • Energy Efficient: since IC recessed fixtures can be covered with insulation, they reduce energy loss.
  • Safety: Insulation can be in direct contact with the fixture housing
  • Fewer Callbacks: Homeowners have less problems with IC Fixtures. They minimize moisture condensation; reduce the “blinking light” problem associated when insulation is in direct contact with Non-IC Fixtures; and they minimize drafts.

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