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2017 Convention Presentations

Thursday, October 5

How Can My Online Presence Grow My Business?
Mary Kate Powers, Frozen Fire
Sponsored by Johns Manville

How to Meet Code and Manage Moisture in an
Environment of Increasing Air Tightness Requirements

Ted Winslow, CertainTeed Insulation
Sponsored by CertainTeed Insulation

Working and Winning with Builders
Craig Brooks & Chris Urbanus, Burgess Energy Services
Sponsored by Owens Corning

Meeting Grade I Installation Standards
Presentation Appendix
Mike Barcik, Southface Energy Institute

Friday, October 6

Is My Data Safe From Hackers? How to Protect your Business from the Dark Side of the Internet
Thomas Pioreck, Grassi & Co.

Decoding Generation Y: Manage and Market to Millennials
Gabrielle Bosche, The Millennial Solution
Sponsored by Demilec

Saturday, October 7

Staying Safe on Ladders, Lifts, and Scaffolds
Laramie Sandquist, Federated Insurance

Control Your Workers Compensation Claims and Save Money
David Rascoe & Scott Miller, HUB International

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